Our model

Site visit and auditing

On our very first meeting, we select together with you the different sites where you can save the most on your water bill. During the site visit, we identify each water outlet in the premises and measure their flow. We then select the most appropriate water-saving solution so as to reduce the water consumption while maintaining the comfort of the users. Once we have established the map of the water outlets, we carry out the break-even point analysis for your investment.

Supply and fitting

We carefully install our water-saving solutions at the designated water outlets ourselves! Our products come from Switzerland. They are long lasting and of the very best quality. This thus helps you to sustain your savings over the long run and facilitate the maintenance of the equipment.

Performance follow-up

We make a close monitoring of the monthly trend in your water consumption over one year based on the water meter readings. This helps us detect any dysfunctions such as a sneaky leak in the pipes.

Financial report

At the end of one year of monthly follow-up, we deliver a complete financial report to you certifying the savings you have accumulated over the year.


Self-closing tap

Thanks to the device we add to the taps with no screw thread, we can divide the initial water flow by 2, 4 or 6 and extend the lifespan of your product. Indeed, the maintenance of our devices is quick and simple as they have a Teflon spray.

Fixed shower head

We adapt the existing shower heads to decrease the water consumption by 30 to 50% without any loss of comfort for the user.